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    Problem Running Graphics Examples of SDK Symbian v9.1

    I am trying my hand on Graphics programming in Symbian. I started out with the examples in SDK but when I build the bitmapshell or Fontshell application I get a message on the Epoc emulator saying "initialized". I am stuck at this point and dont know how to proceed with this.
    All I am trying to do at this stage is draw a few lines on the screen. Can someone please help me get started?


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    Re: Problem Running Graphics Examples of SDK Symbian v9.1

    You should rather check the examples in the "S60Ex" folder since they are intented to be built an run on Series60 (the "Examples" are general Symbian ones, mainly for reading; some of them does not even compile with S60 SDKs). For simple drawing, you can start with HelloWorldBasic, and just modify the CHelloWorldBasicAppView:raw method. For getting some ideas, check CGraphicsContext (and CBitmapContext) in the SDK.

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