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    SCKE2 extensions

    I know that you can send an SMS (via e-mail extensions provided by the respective carriers -- xxxx@vtext.com) from a PC to a phone for free.

    I wish to send a VCard from a PC to a phone. I read somewhere that you can use the //SCKE2 string to embed a VCard in a text SMS....however it doesn't seem to work on any phone I've tried so far.

    Does this technique really work in general and on what phones? I can't find any information on this anywhere and it's getting extremely frustrating.


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    Re: SCKE2 extensions

    May be this link is of some interest to you!


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    Re: SCKE2 extensions

    Hi Gopal,

    Thank you for your response. I sent an email to xxxyyyzzzz@vtext.com with the following text in the body of the email.

    FN:enna maexxxxxxx

    However on the other end it just shows up as simple text. I want to write an application that can send an SMS from a PC to a phone (with a vcard in it) for free so the e-mail to SMS route is the only feasible one.

    Can you please tell me what I might be doing wrong?


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