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    Question Embedding mp4 video from phone to web page "fast start" doesn't work

    I'm trying to embed mp4 video (from N90) to a web-page.
    I'm using basic QuickTime Object-element stuff.
    The problem is that the embedded video doesn't fast start. It is downloaded fully before playing starts.

    However if I open the orginal clip in QuickTime Pro 7 and export it as default MPEG-4 (MP4 (ISMA)) and embed result clip then the fast-start works and playing starts immediately.

    How this stuff works at the atom level and is it possible to somehow tweak orginal mp4-file so that it fast-starts in QuikTime plug-in?
    Command line utility would be ideal.

    Note: To avoid confusion I'm not talking rtsp streaming here, it is different thing.
    Also I don't want to use mov container.

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    Re: Embedding mp4 video from phone to web page "fast start" doesn't work

    Just found one solution which can be used to create faststart files.
    MPEG4IP http://www.mpeg4ip.net/ contains mp4creator tool.

    Usage is simple, just use optimize option and it does required file rearrangements:
    -optimize f:/htdocs/videos/Video.mp4

    However, I found following comment
    "Mp4creator's -optimize flag ends up
    ripping out atoms that it doesn't think are necessary,
    and sometimes breaks playback for some devices."

    But ill give it a go, at least results work in QuickTime.
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