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    RTP stack on S60 3rd edition


    We are trying to write a VOIP client on Symbian OS 9.1.
    Dev platform is S60 3rd edition SDK( Carbide c++ express v1.0)

    We plan to use SIP/SDP for call setup and RTP/ulaw for data transfer/enconding. Setting up a SIP client and using a ulaw codec seems simple and there are examples available. But I have a problem with the RTP stack. The symbian OS9.1 docs say that it is natively implemented. Whereas the S60 3rd edition documentation lists the relevant RTP classes, but says that they are not supported in s60 3rd edition. Is the case that the RTP stack is implemented on the symbian os 9.1 but not available for s60 platform(in which case it is probably available in other platforms like UIQ for symbian 9.1). Does this mean that for my application I will have to implement the RTP stack myself? Is there a way out or am I missing something here ?

    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


    PS: I can't find rtp.h in the s60 3rd edn. SDK, but can see a rtp.dll

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    Re: RTP stack on S60 3rd edition


    I REALLY recommend to develop it on your own... There is simple rule:

    the more OWN protocol stack the better...

    RTP/RTCP stack is not so complicated and you have everything under your control... You'll spend more time hacking 3rd party solution to work, when you'll find that some feature is not supported or some small "bullshit" cannot be changed by present API... Beleive me! I have experiences with many 3rd party solution, having your own is really better


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    Re: RTP stack on S60 3rd edition

    But making a RTP stack on ourselves we have to deal with the codec problems. I'm assuming that the RTP stack of Nokia already do that.

    Is there any SDK that is bundled with rtp.h????

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