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    Poor man's Multimedia messaging system

    We have software engineering project work course in our school and
    our team have planned to make some kind of friend-to-friend
    multimedia messaging system which is cheaper than operator's service.

    We don't have any special equipment so we have planned to do it
    something like this:

    When user have chosen the message, recipient's phone number and
    confirmed sending, our app sends (HTTP POST) the message to the
    server (servlet) which stores the message to database. After this
    the same app (in sender's phone) sends SMS (maybe some non-reserved
    port?) to the recipient's phone where our receiving app are
    listening that port and it can fetch (HTTP GET) the message from
    server. SMS has to contain something information which identify
    the message in the server (phone number and password?).

    So what do you gurus think about this? I thought it's better ask
    is this even possible before start wondering how to do this. And
    of course good tips are welcome too =).

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    RE: Poor man's Multimedia messaging system

    yes, it's possible
    I have already done it

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