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    App crashes in various stages - 3rd Edition

    Hi everyone,
    I've recently ported Papyrus (SBHS) from 2nd FP3 SDK to 3rd.

    After several days of debugging, changing the MMP, RSS file, localization files, updating the code, I've finally managed to run my application on the emulator.

    It crashes somewhere in the beginning of the app with a "STORE-store 2" panic code even though I'm not even using TStreamId().

    It crashes at this point:

    //Nothing to implement here move along

    Has anyone any idea as to why this is happenning?

    Before creating this class, I create various classes and they work. Alongside I create a class of type CBase (Settings) and pass it to the Papyrus creation:
    Papyrus = PapyrusDB::NewL(iSettings);
    in iSetting's constructor I have these lines:
    #if defined(__WINS__) //Importent for the emulator to save in C...
    	CFileStore* store = CDirectFileStore::OpenLC
    		(iFileServerSession, fullName, EFileRead);
    	// Open the data stream inside the store
    	RStoreReadStream stream;
    	stream.OpenLC(*store, store->Root());
    	// Read all the data
    	TInt err;
    	TRAP(err,ShowMiniList = stream.ReadInt32L());
    	if(err != KErrNone) {
    		ShowMiniList = ETrue;
    	TRAP(err,CurrSelectedView = stream.ReadInt32L());
    That works fine.

    For the above lines, do I need to define a CAPABILITY other than NONE?

    Would this work (as it does) with CAPABILITY set to NONE?
    If the debugger works over these lines, but crahses later, can THIS be the cause?


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    Re: App crashes in various stages - 3rd Edition

    You've shown the code to read from a store. What about the code where you create and write to that store? Whats the code in the

    ...... part or your posting?

    Also you're not PopAndDestroy()ing the store.

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    Re: App crashes in various stages - 3rd Edition

    also, if you could post the error note shown, it could help.
    And if you can put a breakpoint into teh code and figure out the lines where your applications gets errors, they also would make it easierto solve your problem.


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