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    Symbian V6.0 Nokia 9210 SDK v1.0 and v1.2

    hi Folks,

    We have been using nokia 9210 SDK version 1.0 based on symbian V6.0 for
    testing our apps.
    B'cos of lot of issues in using Sockets, we have moved to nokia 9210 sdk
    version 1.2. Apparently, we don't see socket problems which were there in
    But we have a doubt about v1.2. The emulator of v1.2 shows "Nokia 9210i
    Emulator". Does it mean sdk v1.2 is specifically for nokia 9210i or can it
    be used for both 9210 and 9210i?
    Moreover, i would like to know if we do testing of our 9210 app using v1.2
    sdk (nokia 9210i emulator) and then port it to Nokia 9210 device (not 9210i)
    then will it be ok? Can there be any problem?

    Can anybody from forum nokia answer my queries?

    By the way, sdk v1.2 seems to handle panics is very professional way.


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    RE: Symbian V6.0 Nokia 9210 SDK v1.0 and v1.2


    The Nokia 9200 Communicator Series SDK for Symbian OS v1.2 is for both N9210 and N9210i. Even the emulator shows "Nokia 9210i" it is backward compatible with the N9210 so that you can use the same tools to develop and test applications for both devices. There might be some minor problem with the communication database if you create the cdbv2.dat file using the SDK v1.2 and copy it into your N9210 target device (I have not faced this problem but just doubt), however, it's not necessary to do this in practice.

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