Good day all.
I have nokia6280.
I tried to download a file of 50K from a remote site using HTTPGet (I succeeded downloading using other devices).
The file gets to my device - however, it seems that first the file gets to the device, and only then I can use the InputStream read method to get the data.
I tried setting content length of other size as an HTTP response header, and it seems that the device fetches the data according to the content length that is set - for content length of 100 bytes i wait less than content length of 1000 bytes.

On Java emulator and on Motorola device - it seems like the content-lengh field is ignored, and i can begin reading before the entire stream arrives to my device.

In order to avoid this implementation, I tried writing a code that accesses my device using the SocketConnection - since I know that for ports80, and 8080 I have to sign my midlet, I moved the device to listen to port 9999.
However, I only get information that the internet connection profile is "3G portal" and a progress bar, and I keep waiting and waiting and nothing....

Here is the socket code:

SocketConnection con = (SocketConnection)"socket://");
OutputStream os = con.openOutputStream();
String getText = "GET /logic/?page_id=2 HTTP/1.0\r\n" +
"Accept: image/gif,text/html,*/*" + "\r\n\r\n";
ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
InputStream is = con.openInputStream();

//Here I have a code that does the following task:
//reading the data from is and wrting to baos using by reading chunks of
//8K and writing them to baos


//Here I have code that places the length on a text box


Is there any way to solve this? either the socket connection solution, or to tell the HttpConnection to start reading immediately and not wait for the entire file to be downloaded?