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Thread: s40 api for c++

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    s40 api for c++

    i'm looking for c++ api (or "c") for s40 (i'm working on 6111)
    for integrated with the os especially bluetooth


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    Re: s40 api for c++

    AFAIK Nokia hasn't realeased any public C++ SDK for Series40, instead of C++ you may use JAVA for your development. It supports Bluetooth API (JSR-82).

    Device Details -- Nokia 6111.

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    Re: s40 api for c++

    S40 devices like the 6230i do not have symbian support for bluetooth.
    J2ME java uses jsr82 api. There is no support in Pc Suite/ 6230i for .sis files
    s60 devices support c++ and use bluetooth using commdb. You can run files on the s60 emulator but cannot load them to a s40 phone. no C++ support in firmware.

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