Hi all,
I need to send a sis file frm one phone to another.Its basically like sending the same sis file of the an application to another phone so that the other user can also install this.

I have done this partially.Its like the sis file goes to the inbox (The first assumption).Make a copy of this sis file and place it on the target folder say //system//apps//.and you can send this sis file to another phone via BT or another communication by using a menu option "Send SIS".

I should be really greatfull to Yucca as this link helped me a lot.


But the problem is that this works only if a sis file is installed from the inbox..As a copy is made from the inbox.

Is there another method to make a copy if the user installs the sis from a USB or from GPRS.

Please provide me some tips on this topic.