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    Receiving RTP data on TCP channel


    I am working on RTSP streaming on UIQ emulator with symbian 9.1 over ethernet connectivity, with dynamic IP address configuration. I am able to connect to the RTSP server and RTSP data is coming over the TCP channel. UDP ports (5004, 5005) are succesfully opened to receive RTP and RTCP data from the server. But since I am working from a PC within a LAN, the IP address of the streaming client as visible to the server is not the actual IP address (i.e., the "external IP address" would be different than the one configured). Hence the server is not able to stream RTP data over UDP and it is switching over to send RTP data over the existing TCP channel, as embedded (interleaved) binary data.

    If any of you can suggest a way out to get the RTP data through the configured UDP ports, from within a LAN, it will be of great help.

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    Girish S

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    Re: Receiving RTP data on TCP channel


    I don't know if I undrstood your question.... The problem in GPRS/UMTS network is that you've receive private IP address from operator pool(RFC 1918) and there's on GGSN some firewall/proxy and NAT is done. So from external node it's not possible to send andy UDP to mobile phone. The only possibility is to establish TCP connection from mobile to server and reuse this connection... Is that what you're asking about...

    The second possibility is some special tunnel established by operator. But it's paid and not general solution....

    May be IPv6 chages it, but rather than IP problem it's security problem...


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