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    Netbeans Mobily Pack 4.1 and Nokia

    I need to know if with Netbeans Mobily 4.1 I can develop applications for cellular with support J2ME, specifically for cellular those that have an internal GPS. What desire is to obtain the information of the gps of the cellular one (those who had it) with programming java. It is possible?, Since I do it?, That commands I use?
    I am a student, please orientate me in the matter.
    Thanks you.


    PD: sorry my english.

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    Re: Netbeans Mobily Pack 4.1 and Nokia


    I use NetBeans Mobile Pack 5.0 and it's really nice IDE for developing J2ME MIDlets - but I'm Java beginner... In CLDC/MIDP is nothing about GPS support, but if you have Java SDK+emulator from vendor producing phone which support the GPS you can enhance the IDE with this emulator - for more read FAQ on netbeans home page... But I thing that Java will not support use of GPS functionality...


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    Re: Netbeans Mobily Pack 4.1 and Nokia

    Hi henry,

    Please search the forum we had a lot of discussion regarding GPS.


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