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    How to sign midlets on S40 phones in order to use socket connection?

    Good day all,
    I would like to use the socket connection on my nokia 6280 (S40 3rd edittion) in order to write a subset of http client with some optimizations on the original one nokia provides.
    However, I see that when accessing ports 80 and 8080 I need to sign the midlet.
    Can I use self made certificate for this? (I know for JSR-75 I have to buy one, but what about socket connection usage?)
    What is the procedure of sining a midlet in nokia6280? (or other S40 devices)

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    Re: How to sign midlets on S40 phones in order to use socket connection?

    Regarding Signing in Series 40 emulator and in real devices we had a recent similar discussion. please check this link
    Please read from post 13 [#13 2006-05-13, 16:07]

    Hope this helps!


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    To make it short: Self signed certs for MIDlet application signing do not work on real devices. There are some few Nokia Series 60 2nd Edition devices, which allow this – however, even there it is a bug which you should not rely on.

    By a certificate. For testing purposes create a HTTP proxy on another non-blocked port. Then try in the Carbide.J SDK (emulator) to check port 80 works. There (in the emulator) it is possible to install self-signed certificates through the internal browser. This way you are able to test the MIDlet signing process works for you. Then you choose either Java Verified or another certificate authority.

    A lot of (compressed) information. If you need more, please have a search. I have written a lot about that so far. If you are still unable to find those post, simply ask. I try to find my posts then.

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