I have problem with SSL connection to server.
I have developed C++ application on Series 60 v2.1 for 6600/7610 which connects to Server over SSL and transfers some enterprise data.

But while connecting to server it displays "untrusted certificate" dialog in some phones but in some phone it doesnt display that.(All 7610 phones, not diff models )

I only know that phones should have root certificate of CA.

The server uses Verisign Primary CA class 3 certificate. And all my phones have three root certificates of above category. The root certificates are same in all phones and their setting, (internet "yes" ) is also same. So I dont understand why it shows warning in some phones while in some phones that certificate is trusted. I want to get rid of the SSL warning in all phones, but it seems root certificate is already there as it is not showing warning in other phones. So what should be wrong here ? Is there any setting elsewhere ?

All these phones show "untrusted certificate" dialog when connect to "really" untrusted site on https.

Pls help.