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    Unhappy Automatic connection of Nokia 6111 to XPSP2 workstation when in range

    Is it possible within PC Suite to automatically connect a Bluetooth-paired Nokia 6111 to a workstation equipped with a USB Bluetooth dongle (or at least by using another command/app/script on the user's workstation)? It is possible to connect by launching PC Suite and using the "Get Connected" wizard, but this is VERY longwinded and must be done each time a user logs in or switches on his phone!! The desired outcome is for the user's phone to establish a connection automatically whenever the phone is switched on near his workstation, or alternatively whenever he logs into his workstation and his phone is within range.

    o/s: XP Pro SP2
    PC Suite: v6.80.21
    USB Bluetooth: Sitecom USB Bluetooth 2.0 class 2 dongle CN-250
    Bluetooth stacks: Toshiba Bluetooth stack v3.03.06(C) + Microsoft Bluetooth stack v5.1.2600.2180
    phone: Nokia 6111

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    Re: Automatic connection of Nokia 6111 to XPSP2 workstation when in range

    I dont know the answer, but I know the reason. Bluetooth 2.0 as against Bluetooth 1.0 does not recognise the phone this is because the connection starts at 10mb per second then drops. The bt discovery in PC Suite forces the drops to 1mb/750kbs of BT 1.0.

    This seems to relate to the LaunchApplication.exe and DataLayer.exe programs which are a background job for PC Suite and therefore cannot get enough time to complete a search. I expect the timeout is shorter in BT 2.0

    I presume once "paired" you set the device in Nokia BT control panel to auto connect = yes or you will never reconnect just by walking up to the PC.

    In the BT stack set the rediscover time from 10 minutes to 1 minute using the BT control panel by right clicking the Bluetooth system tray icon.

    I have switched off the requirement for authorization to connect fileserver via bluetooth in the BT Stack.

    If the blue light on USB stub is not flashing and just stays on then you have some sort of driver problem. Have you checked to see which driver Microsoft or Toshiba. Allowing selection of both will cause huge problems.

    Hope this helps,

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