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    6230i themes corrupted

    Hi there.

    I have tried to download free themes from http://gallery.mobile9.com/c/nokia-6230i-themes/1/ and create themes using nokia theme studio 2.0. The themes are then transferred to the phone using PC suite 6.8 with a bluetooth connection. The problem is when I apply the theme I have transferred I get the message: "Unable to open. Theme corrupted". I have no problems with other files I transfer to the phone only themes (.nth files). What is going on?

    BTW: My phone firmware version is 3.70

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    Re: 6230i themes corrupted


    I think in this case you should use Nokia Theme Studio ver. 1.2 as it specifically optimised for series 40 mobiles.

    Nokia theme studio 2.0 is for series 60 phones.

    Hope it helps


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    Re: 6230i themes corrupted

    There is no way you can make a theme from s60 to work in series 40 or vice versa. Use Carbide.ui for s60 and Theme Studio v2.2 for series 40.
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    Re: 6230i themes corrupted

    But why it says that Theme Studio supports 6230i ?

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    Wink Re: 6230i themes corrupted

    Hello before everything,
    I had the same problem, in fact, I still have it. Now let me tell you something, my mobile, is a Nokia 5200, it has practically everything, and the memory is working good. The same problem, themes appear as impossible to open, 'cause -the file is corrupted-
    I've also tried on another downloads, but nothing happened.
    As you connect to your cellphone the USB in order to download and other operations, as your computer, your mobile is very probably to be infected by some virus from the system or downloading site. In my case, I have eliminated today, TROJAN files from some of my themes. I connected the USB, using the modality of STORING AND PRINTING, then I could make the -Kapersky Antivirus- (considered the most powerful tool) protection acting inmediately, and there were contaminated objects. Now, after all my mobile is in good conditions, without contamination, the file themes are still there. Some of them can be deleted, but the default ones, are imposible to delete. The problem is after all that, I can't even open a theme.
    Maybe my response is not exactly what you were waiting for or the complete solution, but it's a good idea trying to have more care when we connect our mobiles to the computers. If you have any idea on how to solve the final problem, (opening themes) PLEASE, let me know. I'll be regarded!

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    Re: 6230i themes corrupted

    Hi, and thanks for sharing your experience.

    Please note however that this is a site reserved for software (and content) developers. If you are a themes designer see the dedicated forum in these Discussion Boards. If you are an end-user, the place for you to ask questions is http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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    Re: 6230i themes corrupted

    Where can i download Theme Studio 1.2 from???

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