A BitTorrent client for Nokia (or other) S60 (Series60) smartphones written in Python for downloading torrent files.

The code is comming along and is now available here. Note that is is an unfinished version and will not fully work yet. The report, which needs to be finished by tomorrow is currently about 5000 words.

Unfortunately the code will (probably) not be fully working tomorrow. It should hopefully be done by the presentation on July 7th. Wish me luck.

The BitTorrent client has been named WizBit.

You will need a S60 (Symbian) phone. WizBit should work OK on all the devices here. WizBit requires the SHA algorithm to work. http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/dist/pypy/lib/sha.py

WizBit should install and run fine on most S60 devices with Python installed.

WizBit.py note: this is an alpha version. You may need Python experience to get it doing anything. It does not download files yet. It can currently connect to a tracker and retrieve a list of peers.


WizBit links :