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    Location Based API (newbie)


    I'm new to location based programming. Basically, I need to get the location of the phone. but it doesn't have to be very accurate. Knowing which city the user in, is quit enough. or up to 5 KM in diameter accuracy.
    Is there is a way for the phone to know this, assuming the phone is NOT equipped with a GPS? or
    - Is there at least away for the phone to know (through Java/C++ API) the "Cell id"? and of course if I could get the longitude/latitude (even approximation) that will be awesome!

    Thanking You.


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    Re: Location Based API (newbie)

    There is some class like RPositionServer and RPositioner which u can use to achieve a part of what u require. it has API's like GetPosition and so on. try them out.
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    Re: Location Based API (newbie)

    You can't get the location information without the GPS support. If you can get the NMEA message by other means, u can use the RPositionServer etc classes to retrieve the latitude,longitude etc....

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