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    Beta Testers Needed

    Hi All,

    My company just recently launched a new application that runs on Symbian Series 60 phones. It is a small client that loads on the phone, collects wireless network quality statistics (signal strength, dropped calls, blocked calls) and sends the information over the phone's data connection.

    We have recently launched the product and are looking for people to download and test the Beta client and provide feedback on useability and value.

    By having the client on your phone, you'll get location-sensitive maps with the touch of a button (our thank-you for collecting the data).

    We are looking for people with:

    A Series 60 Phone
    Unlimited Data Plan (or someone who doesn't mind paying for a couple of MBs of data during the test)
    Bluetooth GPS

    For those who collect enough GPS-specific data points, we are also offering cash incentives.

    Any help on groups I should be contacting would be appreciated. If you want to try it yourself, please go to www.wirelessbarometer.com/100bucks.php

    I realize that this is a little commercial but since we are giving away a free mapping application that might be useful for some people, I hope this will be considered appropriate use of the forum.

    Brant Cooper
    inCode Wireless

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    Re: Beta Testers Needed

    I signed up with WirelessBarometer and installed WiBar version 0.1.1 into the memory card on my Nokia 6620. When I try to open the WiBar app, I briefly see a Wireless Barometer logo in the upper right hand portion of the screen, then I'm dropped back into the symbian menu. What's going wrong?

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    Exclamation Re: Beta Testers Needed

    Please contact www.wirelessbarometer.com for any support issues as this is not part of Forum Nokia or Nokia. Thanks

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