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    how to create a m-retrive-conf mms message


    Now I'm using Nokia MMSC Java library 1.1 to create mms binary file, now I want to create a mms as message type=m-retrive-conf, m-retrive-conf byte value =84 octet val: 132 , but when I want to set the message type like mms.setMessageType((byte)84), the program will prompt error: "Invalid Multimedia Message format", I found that seems the Nokia mms jar just accept 2 message type: MESSAGE_TYPE_M_SEND_REQ and MESSAGE_TYPE_M_DELIVERY_IND other message type value will cause error. can tell me how to do?

    thx a lot!

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    Re: how to create a m-retrive-conf mms message

    Just open your mms file and relace first bytes '8C 80' (m-send-req) to '8C 84' (m-retrieve-conf)


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