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    Question Save Theme-Files in Series 60 Theme Studio 3.0

    Hello there!
    I have created Theme-Files with the new Sereies 60 Theme Studio 3.0. But after ckecking out such Files, it is not possible to load them to the tool again to create a second theme (with another background f.e.). The Folder with the build files and the pictures is still in the program folder of the toll, but I can not load them. In the browser ( on the right side of the tool window) they were shown no logner. So I have to create a whole theme every time (I have my own icons, so its really a problem). Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have a solution for this program?

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    Re: Save Theme-Files in Series 60 Theme Studio 3.0

    I have the exact same problem someone pleas help!!

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