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    2 TRgb class variables crash app ??

    I am getting Very stange thing going on here.

    When i have 1 TRgb class variable (not using yet, just declared) it will compile and run the app fine.
    But when i add in a 2nd TRgb class variable (not using, just declared) it will compile. But will crash the app when it is run.

    Code Example:

    class CListItem : public CCoeControl {

    TRgb SelectedColor();
    TRgb UnselectedColor();
    TRgb iSelectedColor;
    TRgb iUnselectedColor; // crashes app if present even though not used

    TRgb CListItem::SelectedColor() {
    return KRgbDarkBlue; // Using this for now

    TRgb CListItem::UnselectedColor() {
    return White; // Using this for now

    Even like this the app crashes. Debug from the emulator doesn't show anthing interesting either.

    The rest of the code fully works as i have been putting it through testing, and was just adding this section onto it when i got this weird problem.

    Any insight would be appreciated


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    Re: 2 TRgb class variables crash app ??

    If you do not employ unsafe pointer-operations, it is likely a sign of running out of memory. Have you got the panic message?

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