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    About duration attribute

    Hello world,

    Toolkit comes with sample smil-file "HelloWorld.smil".
    In this file, par tag has duration attribute, like
    <par dur="5s">

    How to create MMS-services.pdf has this same example
    (with duration attribute).

    At least my GoLive trial (with Nokia Tools) has no slideshow
    effect at all. I have to manually move to next slide.

    My questions:

    Is this emulator bug?
    Is duration attribute supproted or not?
    Which models will support it (if any)?

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    RE: About duration attribute

    Hi. If you do a search with keywords SMIL support 7650 you will see several past threads relating to this subject. Here's one good answer. (Taken from our MMS How2Create... document) -- Note that the emulator is emulating Series60 terminals, and the 7650 is one of those. Therefore no, this is no emulator bug, the duration attribute is not supported in any Nokia terminals currently.

    Regarding SMIL: if an MMS message is received which has a properly formed SMIL presentation, the order and grouping of the rest of the message?s objects are taken from the presentation. Other than this, the SMIL presentation does not have an effect on how the message is presented in the Nokia 7650.
    If the message does not include a SMIL presentation, or if it is faulty, the objects of the message are displayed one by one, in the order in which they appear in the message itself. This often does not give the desired result, as it separates image, text and sound into three separate objects. It is to the advantage of the content creator to include a proper SMIL presentation in all MMS messages.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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