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    Angry More Symbian SDK woes

    I have symbian 6, symbian 7 (v2.0), UIQ, S80 and now the recently installed 3rd edition SDK for Symbian 9.

    I am able to compile for each platform by changin the default SDK using "devices -setdefault" command. But the wierd thing is the symbian 6 and symbian 7 resource files always turn out to be corrupted. Earlier they used to be in "c:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\Release\armi\urel" folder after compilation. Now (after installing sym9) it is getting created in "C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\Data\z\system\APPS\<APPNAME>". When I load the newly compiled app to the device it throws a System Error and doesnt load.

    I am able to solve this problem by reinstalling the sym6 SDK but this in turn results in Symbian 9 SDK not working (It complains that the GCCE platform is not supported even though I have changed the default SDK to Symbian 9 and set the correct EPOCROOT path).

    Has anyone faced a similiar problem? Is there any solution to this issue? Thanks in advance.

    Deepak Prabhakara.

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    Re: More Symbian SDK woes

    Yes, problems with resources are the norm with Symbian SDKs. I'm not having problems with target builds but Carbide.vs seems completely unable to build wins / winscw resources properly. To fix the emulator resources I sometimes have to copy the target ones from \Epoc32\Data\z\system\APPS\<APPNAME> onto the winscw z drive (z\system\apps\appname or z\private\appdir).

    I also keep my WINS OS6.1 SDK completely seperate from the others ("devices" doesn't know anything about it)

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