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    Unable to Install error


    I've developed a J2ME application and it was able to install in my Nokia N70.

    However when I tried installing it on the N80 or 3250, I got an error of "Unable to Install".

    Any idea what is the problem.

    It seems that for some Jar which is about 300K or so it can be installed. But when the Jar size increases to about 700K, I will get the error message.

    Appreciate any kind help.


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    Re: Unable to Install error

    Hi zuraimie,

    Please check whether u r using any apis which are not supported in N80 & 3250.
    I don't think jar size is a problem because according to the specs about N80 & 3250 the jar size can be unlimited.


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    Re: Unable to Install error

    Delete some other applications in the phone and give a try.

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    Smile Re: Unable to Install error

    I ca c 2 possibilities here. One cound be wrong API used as said by wang_shui. Else if u are developing application using WTK 2.2/2.3, there is a silly problem with S 60 phones. Just go through the below link : http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=72593

    Two blank spaces at the end of menifest workd sometimes...

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    Re: Unable to Install error

    I have a same kind of a problem with N91 using WTK 2.2.

    If the jar file size is less than about 800kb everything works fine. Increasing file size to about 860kb by adding some resource files and re-packaging gives "Unable to install" at near the end of install. Hard drive has 1,7Gb free space.

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