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    How add my ring to system sound list?

    hello all:
    i want to implement this funication.
    add my ring to system list .
    when i set ring i can select the ring form system list. the oher word,i can see the ring in system ring list,when i add the ring .
    i attempted copy a ring to the system file(c:\\Nokia\\sounds\\digital)
    but i cannot see the ring form system ring list.
    please help me .

    thanks all.

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    Re: How add my ring to system sound list?

    Hi getrmb,
    Kindly tell the phone that you are using..since phones having different behaviour we should know the phones that you are using.


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    Re: How add my ring to system sound list?

    Hi getrmb! Welcome to Nokia Dscussion Boards!!

    Do mean setting a music file as ringtone from a Java app? If so, IMHO this is not possible with a Java app.


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    Re: How add my ring to system sound list?

    Hi getrmb,

    Which device is yours?

    Juarez Junior

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