I have three problems with the theme studio 3.0 for series 60
1.) I can not create a theme with a developer certificate. If I load the certificate to the tool and check out, I always get the error message "Screen Saver File not found" - but I do not use a screen saver and with a ACS Certificate check out works with the same file. I have send the developer certificate to symbian signed support, and it is ok - there are no error in the developer certificate. So I can not test the themes build for 3rd edition or vodafone branded. That is a really problem for me! It is not possible to check out the files without a certificate, so I can not sign them via command line (that would not be a solution, becouse it is not me who produces the themes - thats our graphics expert job, but he is no computer crack)

2.) If I check out a theme, the tool destroyes the tdf file for that theme, so I can not load it again. I have to backup the themes on another place, close the tool, copy the backuped files to the skinsdir and start the tool again. That cost a couple of time, becouse the tool starts very slow (Pentim4 3ghz 2gb ram). I have tested this on a lot of pc and the problem occours very often, but not every time...

3.) I want to create my own icons - thats no problem so far, but the theme becomes very big (1,5mb), so I have compressed the svg files to svgz files. The handsets knows that format, but the theme tool creates a lot of different error with the files, so it did not work again.

Please please help!!!