I'm trying to come up with a good way to package my application(s) as a SIS file for installation on the Nokia 7650.

My application, FotoFun Pack, consists of 4 separate apps. What happens at the moment is each app is compiled and built seperately, and then all the binaries and resources are packaged into a single SIS file. Upon installation, the user gets 4 application icons on the main 'desktop', and only one single entry in the Application Manager list. This works but it means that the user can only remove the whole package at once, not individual programs. It may be the case that after using them for a bit, the user decides that only FotoEdit and FotoFit are worth keeping on the device's memory, and they'd like to remove FotoPairs and FotoPuzzle, but currently they can't, it's all or nothing I'm afraid.

I've tried the following approach. Create the single installable SIS file with one main application (FotoEdit) and embed the other 3 apps as individual SIS files into the main one. What I end up with is a single SIS file that's larger than the first one, but not by too much. The trouble though is that once installed, in the Application Manager list, the fist app appears at the combined size of all 4 apps, and the three embedded ones are each listed with their individual sizes. This seems to imply that the memory taken up on the device is about twice as much as it should be, and it doesn't look good at all. You can however remove the apps individually, which is ok, but leaving the main one still shows it taking up considerably more space than it should.

Another thing I've tried is to have just the set of files common to the apps (splash screens and default images etc) under the main SIS file entry, and then embed all four apps within it in their own SIS files. This seems to be ok in terms of usability. You get 5 entries in the App. Manager, 'FotoFun Pack' as the first entry, then the individual apps as well. You can remove any of the individual apps by themselves, also if you remove 'FotoFun Pack', all the individual apps are removed too. Unfortunatly the entry for 'FotoFun Pack' says it takes up the combined space of all the other apps, and they all have their own entries taking up space too.

Ideally what I want is a single SIS file that produces 4 entries in the App. Manager, with each being managable seperatly, and only indicating the actual amount of space they use.

One other thing I thought of was to stick with option 1 and provide the function within each program to remove itself, but this wouldn't update the value in the App. Manager.

Does anyone have any other good ideas?

Thanks very much,


Stephen Longhurst
iomo ltd.