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    Embedding SIS Data At Delivery Time


    I need to insert some configuration data at the time when the SIS file is downloaded to the user's handset. The configuration data varies depending on who the user is and a number of other factors meaning we can't prepackage the SIS file with the config data.

    I was wondering if anybody had an idea for solving this?

    We thought this approach might work:

    At delivery time:

    1. Unpack the SIS file using unsis.
    2. Write the appropriate config data inside the extracted SIS directory structure in a text file.
    3. Repack using makesis.

    Any comments on this approach or any better alternatives?



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    Re: Embedding SIS Data At Delivery Time

    It is OK, although unpacking a the .sis all the time is a bit redundant.
    You may also check if makesis (http://www.symbian.com/developer/dow...is_release.zip) can be modified to append a file to an existing .sis, but I doubt it worths the effort.

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