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    Mail Sync for S60 / S60 3rd Devices


    I found out, that PC Suite does not support mail sync with the brand new S60 3rd phones (at least with the E61 I purchased last week).

    After hours of searching the web I did not find any solution, which could be used to locally (client based) sync Lotus Notes email with Symbian S60. I only found OTA / push mail solutions, which are (currently) not convenient for my company. Thus, a client based solution (like it is/was available for the Ericsson P800/900/910) is a must.

    Question is:

    a) Is there any technical restriction in the S60 3rd devices preventing local mail sync with Lotus Notes (or any other PIM)?

    b) Are there Nokia plans to extend / develop local mail sync for S60 3rd devices?

    c) Is there any chance to utilize the PC Suite API (e.g. via COM) to develop local mail sync for S60?

    d) Is there any solution in the market currently supporting local mail sync for Lotus Notes and S60 / S60 3rd devices?

    Thanks for any help,


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    Re: Mail Sync for S60 / S60 3rd Devices

    Hi Bmenke,

    I too have found this problem. I relied on the synchronisation between my 9300 and Lotus Notes and assumed that the E61 as a hig powered business phone would support this feature. This feature is soo handy to have, a backup of all your emails and attachements is great when you need some information from an email. I was pretty annoyed when I discovered this. I have email Nokia however they have been next to useless in even admitting that this feature should be on this phone.

    Hopefully if we make enough noise they will update the firmware to include this feature.


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    Re: Mail Sync for S60 / S60 3rd Devices

    Hi Nick,

    I know this does not help you, but I decided to purchase the Sony Ericsson P990i as soon as it is available in Germany.

    Main reason: Because the E61 does not support local email sync.

    Hopefully Nokia implements this feature in the E61 / PC-Suite.

    Regards, Bodo

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    Re: Mail Sync for S60 / S60 3rd Devices

    PC Suite has support for local email synch and it works with 9300, 9300i and 9500, at least. As far as I know, the corresponding support for that is missing in S60 3rd Edition and earlier. It might come in a future S60 version very well (won't help with existing devices, though).

    The PC Suite API v1.1 is a bit limited (mainly good for sw installation and file transfer), but there's already a v2.0 with more functionality on Forum Nokia PRO; eventually it'll trickle down to the free/public side of FN, I'm sure, as that was the case with the earlier versions, too).

    Without PC Suite API you can always develop your own client/server synchronization solution (there are phone-side APIs to access PIM data as there are PC-side APIs for Outlook, etc.).

    Not too many 3rd party synch solutions for S60 available (search for Oxygen Phone Manager & see if it fits your needs).

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    Re: Mail Sync for S60 / S60 3rd Devices

    hi guys,
    i am having the same issue. did anyone figure out an alternative for local sync. i think probably commontime does but looking for a free option.

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