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    search field to text mode

    I have created a CAknSearchField for a listbox. Implementation is based on listbox example in sdk (2.6). No resources were used.

    Problem is, the search field only accepts numeric input. I have tried to set it to text mode, but nothing I've tried has worked.

    /*.h: CAknDoubleLargeStyleListBox* iListBox; */

    CAknFilteredTextListBoxModel* model =
    static_cast<CAknFilteredTextListBoxModel*>( iListBox->Model() );

    iSearchField = CAknSearchField::NewL( *this, CAknSearchField::EPopup,
    NULL, 30 );
    CleanupStack::PushL( iSearchField );
    model->CreateFilterL( iListBox, iSearchField );
    CleanupStack::Pop( iSearchField );

    iSearchField->MakeVisible( ETrue );
    iSearchField->SetFocus( ETrue );
    AknFind::HandlePopupFindSizeChanged( this, iListBox, iSearchField );

    // trying to set text mode here
    CEikEdwin& editor = iSearchField->Editor();
    editor.SetAknEditorAllowedInputModes( EAknEditorTextInputMode );
    editor.SetAknEditorInputMode( EAknEditorTextInputMode );
    editor.SetAknEditorCurrentInputMode( EAknEditorTextInputMode );

    The sdk example on which this is based works as supposed, but I'm only getting numbers in the search field with my code. I even copy-pasted the example code and modified it slightly to fit my code, but still the same.

    There have been similar questions before it seems, has someone figured this out?

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    Re: search field to text mode


    Have you included your search field in ComponentControl()?


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