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    Loading GIFs (on NetBeans)

    I have a problem loading some GIFs into my code. I've tried saving from Paint and Paint Shop Pro and sometimes the result is a file I can't read. If I play around with the image a little while I suddenly can load it. Perhaps there are some attributes which are stored as part of the file format (other than as visible pixels, I mean) which confuse the Sun Wireless Toolkit emulator? For a while I thought it was the location the files were stored, or my image loader, but I've sorted all that out now - the files are stored with my source, and loaded with "/file.gif", and my image loader works fine with another 8 or so files in the same format in the same directory.

    Has anyone any experience with this? It's making me mental.



    Oddly, filenames seem to be case sensitive, so perhaps that is part of it. But I still have trouble with some files.

    (later still).

    There's definately something funny about files. Sometimes a file won't work, but it will work a minute or so later. But a file doesn't seem to stop working, once it's started. I'm wondering if it's NetBeans specific, and/or perhaps there's a timing issue here. I can see files from my hard drive in the window in the top left corner of the screen. If I add a file to my SRC directory it appears in that window shortly after. Perhaps if I add a file to my directory it takes a little while before it becomes available to the project? Not always, because I just tested that and it seemed to be quick, but maybe there are some circumstances where it's the case.

    Does anyone know what the hell I'm on about?
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    Re: Loading GIFs (on NetBeans)

    Hi Poldie,

    Please check whether any exceptions are thrown while loading the pictures.
    Please also check ur painting code. Sometimes the images may be created but it may not be painting properly.
    Please post a sample cope
    what happens when the image files are put in the "res" folder??


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