During my work with a self implemented http server (by using the MIDP 2.0 API) on my nokia 6630 (series 60 plattform) smartphone a problem occurs with the preinstalled browser. If I try to connect a web context provided by the http server the browser always connects to the internet to resolve the requested host. It seems the browser is unable to resolve the local loopback address like

If I test my server application with a MIDP based http client (via Generic Connection Framework) the request will be responded by the server correctly so my client is able to read the expected page content.

Now I have questions:

1. Is the described browser behavior a bug or a feature?

2. Are there hidden browser settings to disable this behavior?

3. Are there other nokia devices based on series 60 (40 or 80) platform where
this bug or feature is fixed?

4. Are there known workarounds or patches to avoid the described behavior of the browser?

5. Are there alternative browsers with the needed behavior