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    PC Suite to upload application on E50, 5550


    I wish to buy a new S60 3nd edition phone to test my apps and
    I like a lot the E50 and the 5550. In the "Features" page for the E50
    it is mentioned that PC Suite can be used to upload applications
    directly, avoiding OTA but for the 5550 this is not mentioned
    even though it too has USB connection.
    I would like to know

    1. Is the upload feature with USB cable working properly ?
    (I guess the program will behave the same in terms of security
    with and OTA uploaded program).
    2. Is it available on E50, 5550 specifically ?
    Is it available on any phone with USB connection ?
    Is there a sure way to infer availability for other phones
    without asking again in the forum ?



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    Re: PC Suite to upload application on E50, 5550

    Hi E.I.Sarmas,

    AFAIK if the device has USB connection as a local connectivity option, then you can use Nokia PC Suite without problems.

    Hope it helps!


    Juarez Junior

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