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    WAP Push - SMS - Nokia 3410?

    We would like to push out the path to where a MIDlet is placed via SMS. Therefore we tried to send an SMS with this content to a Nokia 3410 user:
    The Nokia 3410 user get these question:
    Use URLs?
    Then we have to enter title, and the bookmark is saved.
    We go to wapbrowser, and download the MIDLet from there.
    Is there a smoother way of using WAP push by use of SMS? Some port number like Smart Messaging?

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    RE: WAP Push - SMS - Nokia 3410?


    3410 supports WAP Push. You can find more information about it from the documents:
    -Getting Started with WAP Push
    -Enhancing the User Experience of Mobile Services with WAP Push

    Both documents are available from: www.forum.nokia.com -> Browsing/WAP -> XHTML/WML -> Documents.

    WAP Push specifications can be found from: http://www.wapforum.org/what/technical.htm

    If you need more support about WAP Push please visit to Browsing/WAP discussion area.

    JP / Forum Nokia

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