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    Background application

    Hello friends,

    Can we run a J2me midp application as a background application. I need to run a j2me app as a background application. I suppose this can be done with Thread or Timer. After launching the app, the user will run other applications.
    Does background midp applications work without any problems. Is it possible to start a midp app every time the phone boots up.


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    Re: Background application


    Have a look at this thread,


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    Re: Background application

    Hi Jaak,

    I don't know which device is yours but you cannot do that in current Series 40 devices (up to 3rd Edition). Future Series 40 will allow MIDlets in background/multiple execution as well as MIDlets being launched at power on. There's a JavaOne 2006 presentation about it, search for it - "Java™ Technology for the Mobile Mass Market - Series 40 From Nokia" by Michael Rhodes and Sam Taylor.

    Hope it helps!


    Juarez Junior

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