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    Question How to build for "Emulator B", Carbide.C++ Express ?


    I'm trying to get that SIPEx -example to work with Carbide.C++ Express and S60 3rd ed. SDK, but I'd like to get some information how to build for emulator B. The application is shown at emulator A and emulator B starts correctly, but there doesn't exist that example application.

    I suppose I should change some paths from the build configuration, but if someone knows for sure, where, I would appreciate if You could tell me too =)

    PS. I tried to change 'Target path' from build properties, but got a message from console:
    - make -k clean all
    - makefile:24: *** multiple target patterns. Stop.
    - Build complete for project SIPEx'

    PSS. 'Copy_instance' didn't work but I got all necessary files copied manually. Application exists now on both emulators, but, I think SIP-example cannot be tested at one PC
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