I am trying to use my Series 60 7650 EPOC emulator to send a jpg file to ppc by infra red, but i do not success.
i already read the document "Configuring the emulator for IrDA connection to a mobile phone".
If you have changed the defaults, you can restore the settings by running setupcomms.bat and make the following Modem Information settings:
Set PortName to IRCOMM::<port-number>, e.g. IRCOMM::0 for COM1.
Set modem type to GSMBSC
Set comms type to IRCOMM
Other fields can be left with their default settings.

after i go in setupcomms, and i go in modem but i didn't found any field that called modem type and comms type. so this setting i cant follow.
and i want to mention something that my platform is on a notebook. and the IR port is located on interface controller.
Who can tell me which port i should set to be com port (1/2) in this condition?
Now, when i try to send some file by IR on my emulator, it will keep to said connecting via infra, last, connection have no establish.

my main connection problem is how to set my IR for emulator that can send file outside pls??