I write the smil like follow:
<smil><head><layout><root-layout width="100%" height="100%"/>
<region id="region1_1" top="0" left="0" height="100%" width="100%"/>
<par dur="3000ms">
<img src="BBT20506_panel00.jpg" region="region1_1"/>
<par dur="3000ms">
<img src="BBT20506_panel01.jpg" region="region1_1"/>
<par dur="3000ms">
<img src="BBT20506_panel02.jpg" region="region1_1"/>
<par dur="3000ms">
<img src="BBT20506_panel03.jpg" region="region1_1"/>
<par dur="3000ms">
<img src="BBT20506_panel04.jpg" region="region1_1"/>

But when send to the Nokia 7650, it can't work properly.
1) I want the picture disply full screen
Is that right in "<root-layout width="100%" height="100%"/>"?
2)actually I get this smil from ericsson mms composer.
is the <seq></seq> right for Nokia7650?
3) <par dur="3000ms">, weather can I use 'ms' here?

Maybe this is not the problem of SMIL.
I send MMS with Nokia java libary.
first add smil file
mm.setPresentationId("<"+smil+">" // smil is the file name of smil
MMContent part1 = new MMContent();
byte[] buf1 = readFile(mms_dir+"/"+smil);
part1.setContent(buf1, 0, buf1.length);

Then add the picture files:
part1.setContentId(picfile);//picfile is the file name of picture

When Nokia 7650 receive the MMS, seems the SMIL can't work. It just get the pictures like attachment.

Can any body give me the suggestion? It's really very urgent for me. Please help.