i need to intercept some sms messages sent to phone -- they control some automatic software, user shoudl not see them. looks like this is common task.
i've got Symbian sample called SMS Datagram Services that appears to solve this task. it works via sockets -- creates TSMSAddr with filter, looks like exactly what i need. or are there better ways?

i'd like to test this on emulator. is there any way of this?
i've searched this board and found some posts that say it's not possible, or are unanswered.
however other posts assume it "just works".
so, if it works, i'd like to see exact configuration -- version of SDK, NCF or whatever -- and what should i do to send sms in emulator.

i've tried NCF, but only file send method works there. there's plenty of other methods, but they don't work :/