I am new to SIP and have downloaded the SIP Plugin for Series 60 SDK and installed it . I am able to successfully run the Chip Flip example which means that my environment is set up correctly.
However I would like to get a general idea of what it takes to test SIP apps on a target device . I use Nokia 6600 and have downloaded the SIP Stack for Series 60 v2.0 from Forum Nokia and installed it on the phone.
I know that we need a SIP Server installed in order to test the application on device but I was wondering whether there is any way to set up a real SIP server in my company premises for testing SIP applications
Is there any way I can set up the different components like proxy server,registrar server,location server and redirect server in my company premises ? . Is there any document or tutorial which shows us how to do this or are there any free ready to use sip servers out there ?

Thanks a lot