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    Question simulate key strokes

    I'm trying to develope a j2me application that should run in the background and send commands to other j2me applications through keystrokes.
    I've encountered methods such as vibrate or flashBackLight that send direct messages to the OS, but nothing about the keypad.

    What i'm trying to do is simulate a keystroke, which will cause a key event on a different MIDlet.

    Is such a thing possible with j2me?

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    Re: simulate key strokes

    Hi rel1986,

    No, AFAIK in JME there's no API supporting your requirement.


    Juarez Junior

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    Re: simulate key strokes

    hi to all i m newble in all i want to know that can i Simulate key press in game application

    i read from some posts that in game application CdirectScreenAccess is used and SendKey and SimulateKey method is used in case of WindowServer

    Is there any way to take full control on Mobile using Computer including game using AT commands and otherways
    so please reply me soon its very criticle for me......

    thanks in advance

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