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    Telefonica releases its software mobility platform

    Telefonica has released under MORFEO, its open source community, TIDMobile a software platform that facilitates the development of mobile applications and services. TIDmobile key features are:

    * The product offers relatively low-cost rapid development (RAD) of multichannel and multidevice applications and services in record time Conventional development skills (Java, Web, XML) are all developers need
    * It is based on advanced visual controls for mobility
    * It is a high-performance architecture as it dispenses with the need for on-demand transcoding at runtime
    * It is integrated with WURFL (de facto standard) for device information management
    * It has capabilities associated with JavaScript validation code generation and literals management modules
    * It offers intelligent pagination management by visual control and by paragraph
    * It is web server-/applications-independent
    * The platform has the built-in capability to deploy offline environment applications providing deferred synchronization with back-ends

    More information in :


    Documentation in:


    The product can be downloaded in:


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    Re: Telefonica releases its software mobility platform

    Thanx for the useful information.


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