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    URGENT help needed....URL in Pushregistry for Obex connections

    Im doin my final year B.E. project on bluetooth security...
    I need to activate a midlet when it detects a Bluetooth Obex over RFCOMM connection....
    I am trying to use PushRegistry bt it doesnt work....
    It gives an error : Invalid port format.......
    I have used the url :
    "btgoep://localhost:"+ LocalDevice.getLocalDevice().getBluetoothAddress()

    I have also tried appending ":1" to this url.....bt still no output....
    please tell me where i am wrong...
    what wud be the correct URL for PushRegistry for obex connections???
    I have to give Demo on 1st june....
    Pls reply immediately.......

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    Which mobile phone has Bluetooth over OBEX Push Registry?

    The correct URL would be btgoep://localhost:UUID where UUID is your UUID in hexadecimal, for example btgoep://localhost:000000010000100080000002EE000002 for a SyncML over OBEX over Bluetooth server UUID. Not sure, why you use the BD_ADDR or RFCOMM channel numbers. There are (informative) documents which are wrong in this part, however, JSR-82 in version 1.1 makes is clear.

    Please, never ever choose a topic with capitel letters and/or urgent in it. Does makes answering faster and even does not make fun to answer to those, believe me…so it avoids answers, actually. Additionally, please do not cross post over several sections in one forum. This is the most appropriate section for such a question.
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