Hi everybody,
I tried to build SyExpat on carbide.c++ using SDK 2.0. I first try to build to the emulator. I downloaded the files from PaulTodd web site and then imported the project to carbide from the MMP.
After I manually added HAVE_EXPAT_CONFIG_H to the "Define Symbols" (why not added automatically during the import process?) I compiled and got many link-error messages: symbol _XML_xxxx found in 'xmlparse.o'; your project may need the DLL import library instead of a static library. Later, I get a corresponding undefined symbol error message for each of the functions mentions before.
I also saw that the files xmltok_impl.c and xmltok_ns.c in the lib sub-directory are not displayed in the carbide project!! (and yes, I did try to refresh...).
Has anybody encountered this problem?
what should I do?

Thanks in advance,