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    Video Call AT Commands COM Port

    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to make a video call between two mobiles using my application.
    Here is what i am trying to do.
    1) Connected Nokia 6680 on a windows machine through a COM Port.
    2) Connected another 6680 on a windows machine through the second COM port.
    3) Using AT commands configured them for video call.
    4) Using my application made a video call from one mobile to another.
    5) Finally i get CONNECT 64000 and the pipe is opened and i start receiving data through ReadFile() API from both the COM ports.
    6) Now i open a 3gpp file in binary mode and read it and send that binary data to one of the ports using Writefile() and i am reading the the data on the another port using ReadFile.
    7) My problem is that i am not able to recieve whole of the data at the other end.I receive only the portion of it and rest it is all FF FF.
    8) What should i do so that i am able to send binary data from one COM port and through the opened pipe receive the data at the other COM Port.I have to do this in a CS Video Call.
    Thanks in advance,
    Rajeev Saini.

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    Re: Video Call AT Commands COM Port

    Hi mate,
    can you please send me the script you have made to successfuly made a video call with a nokia phone?
    I am in a middle of a project and I cant make my phone accepting at commands to initiate a video call.


    Catalin C.

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    Re: Video Call AT Commands COM Port


    Which AT command did you use to engage a video call?


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