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    traverseOut() does not work on Nokia 6620


    I was trying to extend the CustomItem for my program and I want to set focus for the item when traverse() is called and lose the focus for the item when traverseOut() is called. But apparently, traverseOut() is not called on Nokia 6620.
    Any workaround for this problem?


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    Re: traverseOut() does not work on Nokia 6620


    Have u added other items in addition to the custom item in that form.
    According to the docs traveseout is called only "if the user has begun interacting with another item, or if Form containing this item is no longer current."

    is this occuring only in 6620.

    can u post a sample code


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    Re: traverseOut() does not work on Nokia 6620

    I had several customized items in the form and according to the doc, the traverseOut() of the item should be called when I started to interact with the next item. But apparently the method I overrided was not called.
        protected boolean traverse(int dir,
              int viewportWidth, int viewportHeight,
              int[] visRect_inout) {
            if(LOG) Logger.debug("now into active mode");
            focus = !focus;
            return false;
        protected void traverseOut() {
            if(LOG) Logger.debug("now into inactive mode");
            focus = false;
    I set up a logger application on my nokia 6620, and only "now into active mode" is displayed when I traverse to the item and then next item.

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