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    nokia devices processing power


    i'm writing a paper regarding connection between mobile devices and the range of applications that can be developed oon a mobile platform and comunicate betwen them.

    so i need to know as much as possible about how a mobile phone works from a hardware perspective.
    is its architecture similar to the one on the common PC?
    how powerfull is a mobile phone's CPU?
    how much memory does it have?
    any caches?

    any document on this issues will do just fine,

    (sorry for my poor English)

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    Re: nokia devices processing power

    Hi alexpoke! Welcome to Nokia Discussion Boards!!

    AFAIK you could not find any official stuff regarding processor speed or hardware architecture of a device.
    But you could find the Technical specifications of different Nokia devices here in this link


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    Re: nokia devices processing power

    Hi alexpoke,

    I think Gopal is right. Maybe you can get information about processor type, memory, clock, etc but architecture information and the like may be hard if not impossible. Phone manufacturers will not provide that at large, i guess.


    Juarez Junior

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