The Nokia SIP API on the S60 emulator and the JSR180 RI both throw an IllegalArgumentException for hostnames such as

I cannot find this documented anywhere as a known issue. Also I cannot find anything wrong with this hostname, its a perfectly legal SIP URI

I get the error when i try to open register with a proxy at this address ( or when I open a SIP Connection Notifier on this address.

The error is essentially on the Connector.open part.

Error trace:

illegal hostname, tld cannot begin with a numeral: ""

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: illegal hostname, tld cannot begin with a numeral: \"\"\n
- com.symbian.midp.io.protocol.sip.SipClientConnectionImpl.checkUri(), bci=23
- com.symbian.midp.io.protocol.sip.OpenConnectionHandler.handleOpeningConnection(), bci=120
- com.symbian.midp.io.protocol.sip.Protocol.openConnection(), bci=16
- com.symbian.gcf.ProtocolBase.openConnection(), bci=159
- com.symbian.gcf.GCFConnector.open(), bci=223
- javax.microedition.io.Connector.open(), bci=4
- javax.microedition.io.Connector.open(), bci=3
- javax.microedition.io.Connector.open(), bci=2
- InviteClientSide.executeInvite(), bci=21
- InviteClientSide.startApp(), bci=12
- javax.microedition.midlet.MIDletInvoker.invokeStartApp(), bci=1
- com.symbian.midp.runtime.MIDletScheduler.startMIDlet(), bci=26
- com.symbian.midp.runtime.MIDletScheduler.run(), bci=14

any replies on this would be most appreciated.