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    Reduction of images size (6131)


    we have a strange behavior with two Nokia 6131. One of them reduces the images downloaded by HTTP from a MIDlet. We use DrawImage(). It's like some setting config is reducing the images to masaic format or something like this.

    Thanks. M

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    Re: Reduction of images size (6131)

    Have you solved this problem?

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    Re: Reduction of images size (6131)

    Which operator is this on? and is the image size larger in either direction than the screen?

    I believe some operators have started introducing proxying servers to dynamically resize web sites to fit on mobile phones - which obviously breaks loads of things silently.

    First you should try using a sim card from a different operator to check that it is the operator resizing the image and not something on the phone.

    If it is the operator you could probably work around it by either renaming the files to not be *.png or *.jpg but maybe *.gnp or *.gpj which won't get identified as images.

    Alternatively, hopefully, accessing the images through a different port e.g.

    http://yourserver.com:51234/someImage.png instead of http://yourserver.com/someImage.png may indicate to the proxying server that it's not a web site so don't resize it (but might break your application for users who only have wap internet access set up).

    Finally you could write a little web servlet to change the content type for the image being served from image/png to application/binary or application/octet-stream - which also should stop the proxying server messing with your data. In fact this should be done for all data sent to phones, as some proxies have manipulated text as well....

    I would love to hear your results; both what the cause of this and if any of the methods above work around it.


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